The Top Five Union Videos

There are tons of videos floating around on the internet; some that are accurate, some that are not, some silly, some serious. We have perused the many union related videos out there and picked out five of our favourite to share with you.

1. Christopher Duffley: Lean On Me

Young Christopher Duffley moves a room full of Teamsters to tears with his a capella rendition of “Lean on Me,” a song that perfectly encapsulates the message of the Teamsters: together, in solidarity, we can lean on each other to make life better for all of us. This video shows the humanity behind the Teamsters organization and our support of various charities.

2. What Have The Unions Ever Done For Us?

In this Australian video, we can see how connected the entire world is on labour issues, workers rights and unions. We also think it’s important to be able to laugh at a serious issue every now and again.

3. A Brief History of Unions

This is a quick and easy, yet accurate and informative, history of unions. While this video uses an American flag, we love it because the topic represents the global issue and covers it in a very understandable way. It explains how and why we need unions to keep our countries strong.

4.What Have American Unions Ever Done For Us?

We love the use of comedic sarcasm in this video to get an important message across! This is a clever skit about a worked-up CEO who is reminded exactly of all the things that unions have done for us, like maternity leave, workers compensation and fair wages, to name a few.

5. Right to Refuse Unsafe Work

At some point in our careers, we’ve all been faced with a moment of not knowing whether or not to proceed because of a safety issue. But most of the time, the question comes down to how do we say no? We love that this video takes a stab at the issue of refusing unsafe work with a light-hearted look at the age old task of keeping your cool on the job site. Also, everybody has come across a character like this guy…

Please share feel free to share your favorite Union videos in our comments!

Debunking Myths: What have unions ever done for us?

From the job site to the negotiating table, hard at work for the rights of workers, the Teamsters Union is a force to be reckoned with. So if you are asking the question: what has the union ever done for me? Read on to learn more about what the answer to that question is.

Whether it be setting you up for success during or after your career, the Teamsters Union has its membership’s best interests at heart. First and foremost, their members needs are a top priority, and this translates directly into looking after their member’s families needs as well. This is why the union has put things in place like the following:

1) Maternity Leave

2) Workers Compensation

3) Medical Insurance

4) Health Benefits

5) Occupational Health and Safety

6) On-Site Safety Practices

7) Paid Annual Leave

8) Collective Bargaining and Negotiation

9) Pay Increases and Higher Wages

10) Pension Plans (That are safe and well managed by an accountable Board of Trustees, who are on the same plan that they administer. When you are ready to retire, the plan will be securely in place for you to enjoy the benefits of your hard work. The Board is consistently working to improve the plan so that it can benefit everyone.)

Teamsters Local 362 understands that life is about more than what happens at work. That’s why when you become a member, there are perks and benefits in place to make sure that your whole quality of life improves across the board. When you are starting a family and need to go on maternity leave, Local Union 362 will be there to support you. If you get hurt at work, Local Union 362 will be there for you. When you are ready to start your pension, Local Union 362 will be there to help you apply. If you are a member, you will be looked after all along the way.

Further, Teamsters want to take workers rights and standards to the next level. They want to make sure that job sites are safe for their members. They want to make sure that management is held accountable to their employees. Unions give you a voice in the workplace. They are passionate about settling issues: ideally, without having to go to arbitration, but doing so if necessary. Consistently working towards the well-being of their members and members’ families, Teamsters are the union that can make it all happen for you.

Congratulations Ms. Kimberly McIntosh!

DSCF0004 (1)We would very much like to congratulate Ms. Kimberly McIntosh on her recent acceptance into the Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary. Ms. McIntosh is a recipient of this years James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund, and we are very proud to recognize this deserving young lady. Ms. McIntosh has been accepted into the direct route program, which will result in her obtaining a Bachelor of Education with a major in Early Childhood Education as well as a Bachelor of Arts with an English Major. Her enthusiasm for her upcoming studies is palpable and her commitment to her goals and success is admirable; Ms. McIntosh is an all-round impressive individual! We wish her the best of luck in her studies and are honoured to have been able to assist her along the way.

James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ms. McIntosh’s father, Brother Richard McIntosh, has been a Member of Local 362 since June of 1996; employed by Canadian Freightways Limited as a Dockworker and City P & D Driver. We are proud to note that he is an active Member in the Local, giving back to the community wholeheartedly, with his participation in both the Multiple Sclerosis Ride and the Ride to Conquer Cancer for two consecutive years. This year he will ride again as a Local 362 Team Member in the Ride to Conquer Cancer.

There are few pursuits as admirable as that of higher knowledge, and we salute Ms. McIntosh’s desire to give back to her community with her studies by choosing a career in education.

Giving youth a voice in the workplace - Teamsters Canada Youth Committee (TCYC)

The Teamsters Canada Youth Committee (TCYC) consists of young members of our union, aged under 35, who want to invest themselves in our union, and in their workplace and community. They are prepared to devote their time to meetings and activities, providing a voice for our youth.

youth committe1The Committee is made up of at most three youth appointed by each Joint Council, one representative of the TCYC and one representative of the TCYC – MWED. In total, 15 young men and women were appointed. They represent various ages, regions and backgrounds.

Teamsters Canada

The Youth Committee’s mandate is to:

  • Provide a voice for the young members
  • Advise Teamsters Canada on matters of interest to young members
  • Support Teamsters Canada in its activities

The Committee’s goals are to educate the young members about our union, unite them and promote involvement. They strive to unify the young members through local, regional provincial and national networks. The youth of TCYC have also participated in many successful charity events like:

Raising the Roof - Since 1997, Raising the Roof has allocated close to $3.3 million dollars to more than 145 partner agencies across Canada working to reduce homelessness at the community level.

Spin4Kids. - A GoodLife Fitness program that strives to deliver the message to kids, that being active is not only good for their body and mind but also a lot of fun.

Learn More about TCYC

TCYC is a powerful resource for the union, as young members represent a substantial percentage of the Teamsters union membership. TCYC estimates that a more active and united youth will enhance our union’s strength at the bargaining table, in organizing campaigns and in the political arena.

We encourage all of our Teamster members to support this committee and our young members. By getting involved and promoting the TCYC within your divisions, you are helping to prepare the next generation of leaders within Teamsters Canada. You can obtain free posters to promote the committee, and committee caps and pins are also available for purchase. Also, don’t forget to join us on Facebook by searching for TCYC-CJTC.