Mandatory Episode 4: Workplace Bullying

Everyone has someone in their workplace whose positive spirit they look up to. Someone who makes you smile, makes you laugh, or tells a good joke. When that person becomes part of your family, as was the case for Chris Dyson when he married Germain Savard's daughter, you think that you know them well. But too often, these very people who seem the most cheerful on the outside are battling with the darkest demons on the inside.

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Sadly, this was the case for Mr. Savard. A hard conversation with a new section manager, during which he was belittled for being "stupid" and "too slow" on the job, was the catalyst that lead to him quitting his job at G4S. According to his son-in-law, the change of leaving that job and finding something new, on top of the stress of needing a pay cheque, was hard on Mr. Savard. It wasn't until after he took his own life that his daughter and son in law found out that he had battled with depression and that his family had a history of mental illness.

Dyson doesn't blame G4S, but he purports that awareness surrounding mental health issues in the workplace is paramount to overall health and wellbeing. Managers should be someone that you can talk to, and workers should never feel like they are just a number. We are human; but part of the human experience is that we feel like we are suffering through these challenges on our own. If we raise awareness about mental health issues together, then we can bring these important conversations out from the darkness of shame into the light of acceptance.

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Let's stand together to make mental health mandatory in the workplace, so that we can help one another through the challenges that we don't have to face alone.

Teamsters News Release Towards "Anti-Union" Tactics

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Mandatory Episode 3: An Educator's Perspective

During this experience, we are taking every opportunity to learn. How can we make workplaces safer? Who can we talk to? What are the solutions? How do we break down mental health stigma?

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We set up a meeting with Morgan Craig-Broadwith, a Workplace Mental Health Educator, who specializes in analyzing and improving the mental well-being of employees. By talking with managers and senior leaders, Morgan is able to discover the general environment in a workplace. She is then able to provide programs and initiatives to improve the company's work environment.

What does a safe environment look like? It is a place where employers have a genuine interest in the safety and well-being of their employees. It goes beyond the financial gains of a strong working team - it's about the quality of life for all people at work. When employers have invested interest in their team, a company is moving in the right direction.

There are many factors that play a role in strong mental health. People face stigma against what goes on in their own minds, which can be debilitating in the workplace. Too many times "mental illness" is stamped on a problem as a black and white solution to a grey area issue. So how do we head in the right direction? How do we understand this issue and handle it appropriately?

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The answer is awareness and open conversation. Not everyone that struggles with a mental illness acts out violently towards others. The violence often stays inside one's own mind, snowballing without a safe place to go. If we reduce the stigma, we reduce the discrimination, and ultimately remove the notion of shame from the battles that we all face in different ways.

This movement isn't for financial reasons. It is for human reasons. Help us make mental health support in the workplace a mandatory requirement by shining light on the dark places. Take action today. #Makeitmandatory.