Teamsters Praise Approval of Enbridge Line 3 Replacement

Please click the link below to view the positive responses, in English and French, from Prime Minister Trudeau's announcement, made November 29, 2016, regarding the Enbridge Line 3 Replacement.




You Are Not Alone: Moving Forward

The past few years have been tough for Alberta. We have faced a huge recession with dropping oil prices and mass layoffs across the province.

Add to that the devastating Fort McMurray fire, and we have found ourselves with a province that is suffering.

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The suicide rate in Alberta went up by 30 per cent just this past year and demand for counselling services have increased by up to 80 per cent according to resources across Alberta.

It is clear we need a more open dialogue and more resources dedicated to suicide prevention and awareness in our province.

That is why we launched You Are Not Alone over two months ago in hopes to do this. A docu-series and initiative dedicated to reducing stigma and increasing prevention of suicide, not only in Alberta, but across Canada.

We talked to people who have lost loved ones to suicide, people who have tried to die by suicide, policy makers and suicide prevention resources across the country. They shared their stories of loss, determination and hope.

They have also shared stories of stigma and a a lack of awareness. Although we have come a long way in talking about mental health, suicide is something that is still not talked about openly at home or in the workplace.

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Alberta is a province that is known for its resilience and helping each other in times of need. It is time for us to come together when it comes to mental health and suicide awareness. There shouldn’t be a stigma attached to these issues and the fact that there is, needs to be addressed.

Although our video series has come to an end, the chance to make a difference has not.

By sharing our videos and reaching out to leaders and policy makers, you can send a message – we need more funding towards suicide prevention and mental health support in our province. The time for change is now.


Hoffa-Hall Re-Elected to Five Year Term to Lead Union

After a very close election, Jim Hoffa and Ken Hall were voted in to a new 5 year term to lead the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Please click the link below to view the letter and view all the Candidates that were also voted in.


Recognizing Survivors of Suicide

When people are affected by the loss of a love one, there needs to be a period of dealing with that grief. This can be complicated when that person dies by suicide.

There is stigma that is associated with suicide, that is not found in other forms of death. This needs to stop, and people around the world need to share stories of healing and hope.

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International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day is an opportunity to do this. On Nov. 19 people gather around the world to find comfort and gain understanding.

As the Mental Health Commission of Canada pointed out ‘survivors of suicide can also include people with lived experience of suicidality, suicide attempt survivors and caregivers and support persons.’

According to Health Canada for every death by suicide, at least seven to 10 survivors are significantly affected by the loss. We need to be there for survivors.

At Teamsters 362 we have launched a suicide prevention and awareness campaign called You Are Not Alone, that includes an 8-part docu-series. Alberta has been greatly affected by suicide, with an increasing rate in our province. We need to do more to educate and provide resources.

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One area where this desperately needs more attention and awareness is in the workplace.

Certain professions have much higher suicide rates than others, such as first responders and farmers, but all workplaces should have resources available for those dealing with mental health issues or feeling suicidal.

The workplace is where the average persons spends around 1/3 of their life and it needs to be a place where people feel safe and supported.

The fact that most people spend so much time there also offers a unique opportunity to implement suicide prevention programs where we know people will see them and be able to access resources.

Together we can make a difference.

Episode 7 Blog: Gender and Suicide

Mental health can be affected by a number of factors such as age, career or location. When it comes to suicide, a huge factor is gender.

According to the Centre for Suicide Prevention, the ratio of male to female suicides is 3 to 1. Women tend to attempt suicide more, but don’t use as lethal of means as men.

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When women attempt, they are often put in touch with resources that can help them. When men attempt, they are more likely to succeed.

The rate of suicide is highest in middle age — white men in particular, and has been called the ‘silent epidemic’ by many researchers.

Studies have also found that the stigma surrounding depression and suicide in men has a large impact on preventing them from seeking help from professional resources or friends and family.

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Awareness and conversations about mental health and suicide are so important when it comes to reducing stigma. By reducing stigma, we allow those who are afraid or ashamed to ask for help, to possibly save their own life.

It is clear something needs to change and you can make a difference. By sharing our videos and reaching out to leaders and policy makers, you can send a message – we need more funding towards suicide prevention and mental health support in our province. The time for change is now. #YouAreNotAlone

Thank You Letter From Didsbury Alberta

Please click the link below to view the letter from the 24th Annual Didsbury Show and Shine that took place May 7, 2016 with proceeds going to help out those affected by the Fort McMurray wildfire.