Teamsters Weekly Update March 31

Each week Teamsters Local 362 will update our members on the latest news within the local. Make sure you check in to see what is happening in the union.

This week there was bargaining with Progressive Waste.

On Sunday we held the Inland Edmonton Town Hall Meeting, where Inland and Stel-Mar Drivers were invited to attend. The Company has applied to the Labour Board for a Common Employer application, as they wish to merge the Non-Union Stel-Mar Drivers with the Union Inland Drivers.

This week we will vote on a recommended Memorandum of Agreement for Zenith Logistics.

This Saturday is the proposal meeting for MacCosham Cartage (city p&d division). The company has requested to start bargaining early.


This week we had our weekly grievance meeting at Garda World Pre-board Calgary International Airport.

There was a grievance meeting this week at Brinks in Calgary.

Grievance meetings are being held with a motion picture production in Calgary to deal with issues on dispatching our members we're hopeful that we will reach our resolve at a local level.

General membership meeting will be held on Saturday in Calgary at 10 a.m. and all Calgary teachers are welcome to attend.

We will be meeting with key individuals from the motion picture division to review and percent all the intricacies and details of the new Master Agreement with the CMPA and to review the new dispatch on Sunday.


We successfully settled a termination grievance with YRC Reimer. Our Member has been reinstated with seniority, discipline has been removed from his file and he has received all back wages.

We have successfully entered into a Master Agreement with the CMPA this week.

We met with software developers to finalize all the parameters of the build to our new online dispatch system which will modernize the way we dispatch our construction Pipeline and Motion Picture division members. We are planning on launching the system within the next few months and will be running the old system parallel with the new system, as our members become accustomed to the new technology.


The Teamsters truck and stage will be at the Spring Thaw Car Show in Calgary on April 23. All the proceeds go to the Interfaith Food Bank.

The 12 Stop Ride For Recovery has announced a date for its ninth year, and Teamsters 362 is proud to take part in it. The fundraiser is a 'scavenger hunt style' motorcycle ride to increase awareness of addiction helps us raise funds for the Fresh Start Recovery Centre. Find more information here. This year it will take place on Aug. 26. Come and meet some of the staff and executive from Teamsters 362 who will be taking part in the ride.

Spring Thaw Car Show

The Teamsters truck and stage will be at the Spring Thaw Car Show in Calgary on April 23. All the proceeds go to the Interfaith Food Bank, so make sure you stop by! For more information visit

Highlights from the 2017 Federal Budget

On March 22 Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced the Liberal government’s budget for 2017. The second budget by the current government was entitled Building a Strong Middle Class, and we have highlighted a few of the key points.

More Protections for Employees

The government announced that they will amend the Canada Labour Code to improve employer compliance provisions. This will ensure that Canadians can more easily recover wages owed to them and ensure repeat offender employers are punished.

Alberta gets support

A one-time payment of $30 million will be given to the Alberta government to ‘support

provincial actions that will stimulate economic activity and employment in Alberta’sresource sector.’ It will equal out to slightly less than $10 for every Albertan.

They mentioned Calgary’s Green LRT Line as one of the anticipated projects for Canada’s largest five cities, but did not mention how much it will spend.

Employment Insurance

The government announced that employment insurance will be modified so that those who are out of work have much better access to benefits and programs without the fear of losing their EI. There will also be a new care-giving benefit to help families deal better with ill or injured members.

Employment for the Future

The budget has suggested ways to develop skills so that they’re ready to take on a fast-moving global economy. This includes measures to encourage adults to go back to school and finding for kids to improve digital skills.


Details on infrastructure spending include $11 billion for affordable housing over 11 years and $7 billion over 10 years to create new child-care spaces.

Parental Leave

One of the biggest stories from the budget was changes to parental leave. Parents will now be able to take 18 months off and mothers can leave up to 12 weeks before the baby is born. Parents can also split the leave after the mother has taken 15 weeks off and you need to have worked 600 hours in the last year.

Teamsters Local 362 Weekly Update March 24

Each week Teamsters Local 362 will update our members on the latest news within the local. Make sure you check in to see what is happening in the union.


Negotiations for a Provincial master agreement resume Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in Calgary with the Canadian Media Producers Association.

At MTE Logistix Calgary, members rejected the company's concession offer for their upcoming Collective Agreement by 100 per cent. We had 100 per cent of the membership in attendance.

A memorandum of agreement has been reached for Triple Random. The Union will be sending the memorandum to the membership for their consideration.

Proposals were taken from the membership for the upcoming negotiations for Lafarge Concrete in Edmonton this weekend.

Proposal mail out this week for the Clean Harbor membership, which contains a self-addressed postage paid return envelope. Bargaining dates are confirmed May 23 – 25 and June 13- 15, with the location to be determined.

Heavy Haul (Mammoet Canada Western, Premay Equipment, Rebel Transport, NCSG Transtech and Sarens Canada) opening letters have been sent to these employers notifying them of our intentions to negotiate a new term for our Collective Bargaining Agreements. The Union will be sending out letters to our members looking for their proposals in the next couple of weeks.

CURRENT MEETINGSLocal unions monthly executive board meeting was held Monday in Red Deer. You can get to know the local's leadership in the about section on

Some of our business agents had a Town Hall Meeting this past Sunday for Lafarge Edmonton Members to discuss the application to the Labour Board, put in by the Union.

This weekend there will be a town hall Meeting for Inland Edmonton Members to discuss the application to the Labour Board, put in by the Company.


We have launched our brand new website! Make sure you go to and check out the new features.

The feature film Hard Powder for Canal goes to Camera this week, along with the feature film Puppy Love.

Some of our leadership attended a refresher training course on Tuesday held by WestlawNext Canada, which is a service that provides an online research tool to review relevant case law and decisions. This is a great tool for agents to research similar cases related to grievances filed by the membership. Yet another resource to ensure that our membership is being represented to the fullest.

We were successful in returning two employees back to work at YRC Reimer, who were terminated without proper cause.

This week Leon Babahanov returns to his regular duties and schedule after the award from the Canadian Joint Grievance Panel from March 8th unanimously agreed to re-instate his employment after being terminated Feb.7, 2017.

Teamsters 362 in conjunction with the Building Trades of Alberta have now forwarded to the Alberta Government our list of proposals for the upcoming Labour Code amendments. Find out more information here.

Alberta Budget Cuts Could Hurt Film Industry

On March 16 Alberta Finance Minister Joe Ceci announced the 2017 budget, and there were a lot of mixed reactions.

He announced that there is a projected deficit of $10.3 billion for 2017-18 and an additional $7.2 billion in 2019-2020. This means that there will be a debt of $71 billion by 2020.

One of the biggest disappointments of the budge was the announcement of cuts to the Alberta Media Fund.

One of the first to speak out was Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi, who expressed his disappointment that the government rejected the request to increase the fund.

“That’s about bringing filmmaking into the province and instead of increasing the fund from $36.8 million to $50 million, they seem to have cut it … which is really strangling a very important industry in a growth phase, here in the province, very early on. That’s a very bad thing,” Nenshi explained to reporters.

Teamsters Local 362 leadership was also disappointed with the announcement and the fact that the cap was not eliminated.

Currently, Alberta government funding covers up to 26 – 30 per cent on Alberta project costs, with a cap of up to $5 million per project.

"We would have preferred that the Government of Alberta recognized that the elimination of the cap would greatly increase the likely hood of various levels of production considering the province for their projects," explained Vice President Wayne Garner. "This has been proven in other provinces, states and countries that attract production on a consistent and regular basis."

The Alberta Media Fund is financial support for organizations and individuals involved in the Cultural Industries in Alberta, which includes screen-based media production, book and magazine publishing and sound recordings.

One aspect of this is the production grant that will contribute up to 30 per cent of all eligible Alberta expenses, up to $5 million per project.

The film industry is something that has brought in millions of dollars in the province, and has brought in more more Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe wins in the last decade than any other region in Canada.

This was highlighted in a recent promotional film put out by stakeholders of the Alberta Screen Industries, which include organizations such as Teamsters 362, IATSE locals 212, 210 669, ACTRA Alberta, Alberta Media Production Industries Association (AMPIA), Directors Guild of Canada – Alberta District Council and the Alberta Post Production Association.

This group continually lobbies the government to do more to help nourish the film industry here. Promoting the film industry here in our province will only better our economy and expose more people to how great it is to live and work here.


Make it clean and simple

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Just the other day I happened to wake up early. That is unusual for an engineering student. After a long time I could witness the sunrise. I could feel the sun rays falling on my body. Usual morning is followed by hustle to make it to college on time. This morning was just another morning yet seemed different.

Witnessing calm and quiet atmosphere, clear and fresh air seemed like a miracle to me. I wanted this time to last longer since I was not sure if I would be able to witness it again, knowing my habit of succumbing to schedule. There was this unusual serenity that comforted my mind. It dawned on me, how distant I had been from nature. Standing near the compound’s gate, feeling the moistness that the air carried, I thought about my life so far.

This is what has happened to us. We want the things we have been doing forcefully to fail. And then maybe people around us would let us try something else or our dreams. We are accustomed to live by everyone else’s definition of success. We punish people for the things they are passionate about, just because we were unable to do the same at some point in our life.

I was good at academics, so decisions of my life had been pretty simple and straight. Being pretty confident I would make it to the best junior college of my town in the first round itself, never made me consider any other option. I loved psychology since childhood, but engineering was the safest option. Being born in a middle class family, thinking of risking your career to make it to medical field was not sane. I grew up hearing ‘Only doctor’s children can afford that field’ and finally ended up believing it. No one around me believed in taking risks. Everyone worshiped security. I grew up doing the same.

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‘Being in the top will only grant you a good life’ has been the mantra of my life. But at times, I wish I was an average student. I wish decisions would have not been so straightforward. Maybe I would have played cricket- the only thing I feel passionate about. Or maybe I would have studied literature (literature drives me crazy). Isn’t that disappointing- me wishing to be bad at academics. It’s like at times I hate myself for the stuff I am good at.

I feel like these concrete buildings have sucked our desires and our dreams. We are so used to comfort that compromise seems like a taboo. We have lost faith in ourselves. If we can make through it right now, we can do the same in the days to come. You only need a desire to survive and nothing more- not money or cars or designer clothes.

Staying locked up in four walls have restricted our thinking. I feel like our limited thinking echoes through this wall. We are so used to schedules and predictable life that we have successfully suppressed our creative side.

When you step out of these four walls on a peaceful morning, you realize how much nature has to offer to you. Its boundless. Your thoughts, worries, deadlines won’t resonate here. Everything will flow away along with the wind. And you will realize every answer you had been looking for, was always known to you.

It would mean a lot to me if you recommend this article and help me improve. I would love to know your thoughts!

Rudeness – One Of The Biggest Issues in the Workplace

Employers can follow regulations and codes, but one of the biggest risks to a workplace is actually something that isn’t always properly addressed.

That issue is rudeness.

Whether it is walking by someone without saying hello or leaving someone out of after work drinks – rudeness can be found everywhere.

And it isn’t a minor problem, it is one of the biggest issues facing workplaces today. Especially when it comes to lack of productivity, where studies have shown that it can cost companies up to $14,000 per employee due to lost productivity.

Here are some of the major ways rudeness impacts the workplace.

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Health Issues

A join study from University of Calgary and London School of Economics and Political Science found that people who were treated rudely at work experience ‘higher levels of embarrassment and lower levels of belongingness.’ Those feelings transfer into feelings of job insecurity and extreme stress.

These can also create physical issues – increasing risk of chronic diseases, stomach problems, headaches and sleeplessness.

Destroys collaboration

Studies have shown that rudeness can hurt collaboration in the workplace, destroying workers ‘sense of psychological safety, and hampering team effectiveness.’ Workers can shut down without even realizing it as negative thoughts creep in.


A study from the University of Florida found that rudeness can spread like wildfire. Once someone perceives rudeness towards them, they are more likely to be rude in return. The rudeness can spread like a common cold.

Download Our Guide On How To Know If Your Workplace Needs A Union!

Leaders set the tone

When managers or leaders treat team members fairly and with respect, employees have been found to be more productive and even go above and beyond. The whole team also benefits when you talk to the whole team about civility or even sign up for training.

Union members always have the option to reach out to their shop steward or business agent if they are experiencing rudeness that is effecting their job performance, or mental or physical health. Being a part of a union means you are a member of a family, and you always have support.

Teamsters 362 Weekly Update March 17

Each week Teamsters Local 362 will update our members on the latest news within the local. Make sure you check in to see what is happening in the union.
One of our members named Angelica from First Student Airdrie School Bus was unjustly terminated last year, and business agent Ken Jarvis fought to make sure this was corrected. We fought to make sure she got a settlement.

She said she is thankful for Ken Jarvis and Teamsters Local 362 for standing up for her rights and taking on the fight to make life better for workers and their families.


Several business agents had a meeting with the Lafarge Edmonton Members to discuss proposals for upcoming bargaining.  This meeting will likely be sidetracked by the reconsideration application.

We will be visiting  Lafarge and Inland sites as there are some concerns that are being dealt with at the Labour Relations Board.

We attended focus meetings with UPS Edmonton North and South this week.

Our business agents Jordan and Shaun attended a CIRA meeting on the topic of Gender Identity and Gender Expression: Overview of Key Legal Principles & Practical Tips for Accommodation.

Local 362 Vice President Wayne Garner attended the 5th Annual USA Pipeline Steward School and Business Agent and Officer's Conference this week.

As with our own Local 362 Pipeline Division, the future has never been brighter for our US brothers and sisters in the Construction and Pipeline Divisions, as the indications are that the work of both is again on the rise.

The conference welcomed partner employers and representatives from the Pipeline Contractors Association.

The Issue of Substance Abuse in the Workplace

Mental health awareness in the workplace has finally started to get the attention it deserves in the last few years. Unfortunately, some aspects of mental health are still surrounded in stigma.

One of these issues is substance abuse.

Addiction and substance abuse issues often go hand in hand with mental health issues. This is referred to as concurrent disorders, or dual diagnosis.

The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse reports that substance abuse and addictions cost the Canadian economy $24.3 billion dollars in lost productivity. This is clearly an issue that needs to be addressed in the workplace.

Visit Our Initiative #YouAreNotAlone

One of the first steps is knowing the signs of substance addiction, something workplace leaders should be equipped with. These include an increase in days missed, tardiness, missed deadlines, presenteeism, change in appearance, increased irritability and errors in judgement.

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, it is important to not push this employee out of the workplace, but rather ensure that ‘managers and teams are supportive’.

Having a ‘detailed substance abuse policy’ allows managers and employers to talk to employees about these issues. They can offer resources and figure out a way to get the employee the support they need.

If you are unionized, your shop steward or business agent is someone you can reach out to for support – whether it is you who has the substance issue or you think a coworker does. Being in a union means you have the support of a family behind you.

Simply firing an employee is not the solution, and now can have legal consequences.

Visit Our Initiative #YouAreNotAlone

As recently reported in the Toronto Star, ‘Canada’s human rights tribunals and courts of appeal have started treating drug and alcohol dependency as a disability.’ If a worker is fired, or mistreated in anyway, by an employer because of their substance abuse issue they can often be protected the same way someone with a disability would be.

Although no federal or provincial laws state that substance abuse is a disability, human rights commissions in Canada have set precedents over the past 10 years.

Mental health support in the workplace is something Teamsters Local 362 has fought for, and this includes those who have dual diagnosis.

Following the momentum of our previous mental health initiative, Make It Mandatory, this year we created the campaign #YouAreNotAlone with the aim of raising awareness and preventing suicide in Alberta, and across the country.

In both series, many spoke of the impact of substance abuse issues on their life.

Local 362 has also taken this initiative further by actively bargaining mental health awareness courses into collective bargaining agreements.

No one should have to suffer in silence in the workplace when it comes to mental health or substance abuse issues.

Thank You Letter From Fort McMurray Public School District #2833

Please click the link below to view the thank you letter sent from the Fort McMurray Public School District #2833.

Thankyou Letter - Ft McMurray Public Scool