Labour Day Thank You Letter

Please click the link below to view this years' appreciation letter for the Labour Day donation.

EDLC Letter of Appreciation 2017

Teamsters Step Up to Help Those Affected By Hurricanes

One of the most important aspects of being a union member is solidarity. When one member is in trouble, they have their brothers and sisters to stand by them and support them.

This crosses over the boundaries of locals, unions and countries. A recent example of this is the financial support Teamsters Canada has given towards the Teamsters Disaster Relief fund.

Canadian Teamster local unions and joint councils, along with Teamsters Canada, have raised over $100,000 for the Teamsters Disaster Relief Fund. The donation comes in response to three back-to- back hurricanes that hit the United States in less than a month.

Hurricane Harvey hit first displacing over 30,000 people and killing at least 75. Irma was next causing over $60 billion in damages and killing 130. And finally there was Maria, that has killed at least 68 people and has left Puerto Rico with catastrophic damage.

“As Teamsters, we have a duty to assist our sisters and brothers in their time of need. The level of devastation from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria demands action,” stated François Laporte, President of Teamsters Canada.

He pointed out that borders will not stop ‘Teamsters from helping Teamsters’ and thanked all Canadian local unions for taking part in the fundraising.

The Teamsters down south have also recently teamed up with the AFL-CIO to recruit truckers to travel to Puerto Rico and help distribute a stockpile of relief supplies.

According to CNN, there are shipping containers full of supplies such as food, water and medicine that are sitting unused do to a lack of truckers and fuel.

The Teamsters Disaster Relief Fund is a charity developed in 1991 to assist Teamster members who suffered a loss from a natural disaster. The fund proved to be a key tool to support members in times of crisis like the Gulf Coast for Hurricane Katrina, the East Coast for Hurricane Sandy and countless other natural disasters.

If you would like to help those who have been devastated by these hurricanes, visit to donate to the Teamsters Disaster Relief Fund.

Wood Buffalo Slow Cooker Food Bank Program

Please click the link below to view and read about the $100,000 donation.

Fire Rods 3rd Annual Fundraiser

Please click the link below to view the thank you letter from this years' Fire Rods 3rd Annual Fundraiser.

Fire Rods 3rd Annual Fundraiser - Thankyou

33rd Annual Labour Appreciation Night

Please click the link below to view the thank you letter from United Way regarding this years' 33rd annual Labour Appreciation Night.

EDLC Labour Council - Labour Appreciation Night Thankyou Letter

2017 Didsbury Car Club Thank You Letter

Please click the link below to view the thank you letter from the Didsbury Annual Car Show.

Didsbury Car Club Thankyou Card

Ride For Recovery Gearing Up For 2017

The 12 Stop Ride For Recovery has announced a date for its ninth year, and Teamsters 362 is proud to take part in it.

The fundraiser is a 'scavenger hunt style' motorcycle ride to increase awareness of addiction helps us raise funds for the Fresh Start Recovery Centre. This year it will take place on Aug. 26.

Registration begins at 8:00 am at the Centre and the ride begins at 10:00 a.m. The ride is made up of a series of stops through the city and rural landscapes. Each of the 12 Stops holds a new clue to direct you to a fun and unique experience at the next stop.

The Fresh Start Recovery Centre has been running for over two decades as a residential alcohol and drug addiction treatment centre for men located in Calgary. It has been recognized nationally by the Donner Canadian Foundation as the best run treatment centre in Canada for effective program delivery.

They provide a comfortable environment where men and their families can escape addiction, and learn to live rewarding and fulfilling lives in recovery.

You can register to take part in the ride here or you can offer to volunteer, donate an auction item or just get the word out on social media.

Spring Thaw Car Show

The Teamsters truck and stage will be at the Spring Thaw Car Show in Calgary on April 23. All the proceeds go to the Interfaith Food Bank, so make sure you stop by! For more information visit

Thank You Letter From Fort McMurray Public School District #2833

Please click the link below to view the thank you letter sent from the Fort McMurray Public School District #2833.

Thankyou Letter - Ft McMurray Public Scool

Thank You Letter From Local 631

Please click the link below to view the thank you letter from Teamsters Local 631 regarding the end to the ten week strike and the thanks to all the support received during the strike.

Local 631 - Letter of Thanks for Strike Support_