Congratulations First Student Employees!

After a long campaign, meeting drivers, etc, your committee was successful, now we move forward to improve your working conditions at First Student. The Union has sent a letter to your employer to arrange dates to begin negotiations of a Collective Agreement.

View the full notice here!

Any questions or concerns contact Stacy Tulp at 403-990-7888.

Airdrie Transit Drivers Are Now UNION!

First of all the Teamsters would like to congratulate the employees of Cardinal Coach Lines ULC consisting of "All transit drivers working in and out of the City of Airdrie" who recently ratified a Collective Agreement.

Some of the highlights of their agreement are as follows:

  • A one and a half (1 1/2) increase in wages.
  • Discrimination & workplace harassment clause.
  • Voice at the workplace.
  • Safety conditions.
  • Twelve (12) general holidays.
  • Grievance procedure.
  • A joint health and safety committee.
  • Unione/Management meetings.
  • Health & Welfare benefits.

completely-confidentialAs you see, coming together as a group in solidarity gives you strength and a voice in your workplace.

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact Stacy Tulp @ 403-990-7888.


completely-confidentialWe are moving forward in our campaign with First Student, but we need your HELP! If you know of any drivers that have not signed the petition please contact Stacy Tulp (403-990-7888) and/or have them sign a petition. By working together you increase your strength and voice with First Student.

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