Teamsters 362 Proves The Importance of Unions With The Latest Grievance Win For Members

When you think of being a member of a union, there are a lot of perks that usually come to mind. Excellent wages, health benefits and a steady schedule are just a few.

Perhaps one of the most important parts of being in a union is knowing you have an entire membership and leadership team backing you up if you face unfair workplace practices.

This month, our Vice-President Jordan Madarash proved once again just how important this is through a successful grievance win.

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A grievance was filed because members had chosen to bank their overtime, but never received their pension contributions for the hours worked on the days they chose to bank. Banking overtime means you work overtime, but you choose to place the money on hold for either a payout or days off to be taken on a later date.

This is a common practice, but what is not common is not receiving the pension contribution.

Jordan said that Teamsters 362 received a complaint from a member that noticed discrepancies in their banked overtime/pension hours.

“Once I received that complaint, I reached out to several members that I knew had also banked their overtime. Once I confirmed this was more than just a hiccup for one member, the Union filed a policy grievance,” explained Jordan.

This grievance captured the entire Bargaining Unit to make sure an audit of all of the members that had banked their overtime received the appropriate pension contributions. Once the grievance was processed, discussions took place between Teamsters 362 and the employer. The employer confirmed that an internal error had occurred and identified all the employees that needed to be paid additional pension contributions due to those errors.

Download Our Guide On How To Know If Your Workplace Needs A Union!

The members received a payout of over $8,000.

“This demonstrates the importance of unions in several ways,” said Jordan.

He pointed out that without unions, most workplaces do not allow banked overtime as it’s considered a liability that most non-union locations would not accept. He also explained that the complaint itself was fought by the union and no single member had to face the employer on their own or think that there is a target being placed on their back due to a complaint that they had.

We’re proud of yet another victory won for our members at Teamsters 362.