Rob Parmiter: Family Values

With 3 generations of Teamsters in his family, Rob Parmiter knows all about the security and benefits of being a union member. You are only as strong as your membership and with guy's like Rob in our corner, we're very proud to say we're one of the strongest around.

Rob Parmiter Lives of 362

"Every day... Every day is a proud moment to be a Teamster"
-Rob Parmiter 362 Pipeline/Construction Member

Health and Wellness Since 1976

partner-blue-crossThere are few business relationships that last over thirty-five years, but in the case of the Teamsters and the Manitoba Blue Cross, the relationship that started in 1976 is still going strong. It started with a few gentlemen: Kerry Bittner, Norm Finley and Lou Janze. Norm, the Chair of Local Union 362 at the time, wanted to establish a health benefits program for members. Working with Lou, a consultant running a union trustee business providing health plans, the two approached Kerry to discuss the opportunities for a Health and Welfare plan to provide medicine to the union members.


At the time, this sort of thing was unprecedented. Not knowing how many members it would be for, Norm and Lou urged Kerry to quote them on what “had the potential to service 1000 members.” None of the other insurance companies would quote, as they were reticent to provide a rate to something that wasn’t guaranteed. Although it felt like risky business, the Manitoba Blue Cross took a chance, and quoted Norm and Lou on a rate for 1000 members – despite there being zero members.

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In June of 1976, at a trustees meeting, the Manitoba Blue Cross was appointed to be the carriers of the Health and Dental Plan for the Teamsters. A couple of short years later, membership enrolment was up to 300. Thirty-six years later, the Manitoba Blue Cross is still servicing the account under Kerry Bittner’s direction, and Local Union 362 provides its members with two plans: the 362 Plan, for Construction and Pipeline Members who work on a contract basis and bank hours, and the Prairie Plan, for Members who are employed on a monthly basis (as most members work year round). The 362 Construction Plan now services 800 Members, and the Prairie Plan, which, having started in 1982, is slightly younger than the original Construction Plan, services 3600 Members. Therefore, the plans together benefit 4400 Members of the Local Union 362. Both are related to the strong and long-lasting relationship that we have with Kerry.

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Further, the Health and Benefits plan that is provided to the Local Union 362 members is one of the top in its class. In terms of dental and health coverage, its benefits are in the top category of any employer’s. The rate is stable and the Manitoba Blue Cross wants to keep it that way. “It’s a pretty unique relationship,” says Kerry, “working with the Teamsters Local 362 has been a truly great experience.”

Not only a Union of Workers but a Union of Community

In the face of adversity teamsters all across North America have come together to support not only their brothers and sisters, but more importantly the communities they build their lives and raise their families in. Our members not only donate financially but also their time to work alongside other volunteers in order to help rebuild lives and communities in need.

In the wake of tragedy, if even a modicum of solace can be found in the kindness of others and the support of a community coming together, our members have shown that they will be there to help in any way they can. While they would never ask for it, we wanted to take the time to recognize and thank these amazing people.

Boston Marathon Bombing

On April 15th, 2013 two blasts shook the city, killing three runners and injuring hundreds of people. One of those whose life was tragically lost was 29 year old Krystle Campbell. Along with the grief this family was going through, they had to cope with threats of a protest by Westboro Baptist Church, a radical church group who claimed this to be “God’s wrath” due to President Obama supporting same sex marriage.

Teamsters from local 25, who represent over 11,000 working men and women in the Boston area, quickly organized their off duty members to form a “Human Shield” that would block the Westboro Baptist Church from protesting the funeral.

"It's the right thing to do. The family deserves a peaceful grieving process that's free from any coward-led group."

- President/Principle Officer Sean O'Brien Local 25

Hurricane Katrina
In August 2005 hurricane Katrina hit land with all its fury, causing one of the most devastating natural disasters in U.S. history. The flood waters almost overtook the entire city of New Orleans killing thousands. Teamsters all over the U.S. and Canada hurried to their aide, delivering much needed supplies to the victims. Local 362 even drove our own Kenworth down from Alberta full of donated relief supplies. Teamsters also created the “Adopt a Family” program which matched families with union locals in their area to help them with resources and guidance to rebuild their lives.

Alberta Floods

In June of 2013 southern Alberta experienced the worst flood in the history of the province. The flood ravaged cities and towns, demolishing homes, businesses and wreaked havoc on families and communities, with an estimated cost of 6 billion dollars in damage.

The devastation was immeasurable, more than 100,000 residents were displaced and in need of assistance. Homes, possessions, pets, and lives were lost to this tragic disaster. The efforts of first responders and volunteers coming together to rebuild the community will never be forgotten. The Teamsters Joint Council 90 raised $105,625.00 that went to the Calgary Foundation Flood Fund while Local 362 donated $10,000.00 to the Building Trades of Alberta which, along with the efforts of the other trade union locals within the Building Trades of Alberta, raised over $240,000.00 for the Red Cross Alberta Flood Relief efforts.

“You have to be united to be strong”, not only as a teamster but as a member of the community!

The Industrial Revolution: The Rise of Labour Unions

1912_Lawrence_Textile_Strike_1Times of industrial revolution stand out as pivotal turning points for all western nations that brought prosperity and fast paced expansion. The rise of labour unions can be linked to Europe (in the late eighteenth century) and in North America (in the nineteenth century) where the movement from rural to urban life in order to work in factories and machines was the most pronounced. This max influx of workers into the workplace helped provide gains in profits of developing industries, however at the expense of less than ideal working conditions.

Labour unions arose because there were many who found difficulty in accepting how “big business” was run; on the backs of the workers in the factories who saw very little in compensation. Along with less money, mechanized production of goods replaced household manufacturing, but these machines were difficult to use and could be dangerous to work with. Labour unions helped spread the balance of power more evenly so that labourers could bargain for more rights such as more pay and better working conditions.

The imbalance of power between industry and labourers made the first few labour movements, such as the National Labour Union, limited in their success. The largest union at this time was the Order of the Knights of St. Crispin that represented the shoe and printing industry. They sought to decrease the trend toward mechanized production that stood to replace master cobblers and printers. Ultimately, as we see today, efficient machines took their place in the industry and prevailed. Labour unions saw much more promise when the American Federation of Labour sought to focus on improving wages and the working conditions of its members.

Today, we see the effects that these early labour unions have had with helping our labour force. The laws developed to set minimum wage standards, living wage standards, maximum hours worked etc. were all developed with pressure from these early labour unions. Whether fighting for better working conditions, compensation when hurt on the job, or better wages the principles that labour unions stood for during the industrial revolution are still incredibly relevant.

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Family Values

Being a Teamster is something that runs deep in Michelle's family. From her grandfather to her father and now to her, she carries our message with pride and continues to unite a whole new generation. We are very comforted knowing that our future is in the hands of members like Michelle.


A winner of the Cal Callahan Memorial Bursary, Michelle embodies everything that our organization stands for.

“Dear Teamster Local Union 362,
Without you I would not have received this award. The bursary will help me to continue my education at the post-secondary level, providing me with additional financial support. Receiving this award means a lot to me and your support is greatly appreciated.
With sincerest thanks,
Michelle Parmiter”


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Deadline Approaching for Scholarship Applications!

Please take notice that September 30, 2014 is the deadline for our office to receive entries for the James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund’s Essay Contest.

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This year the Essay Contest topic is: “The vast majority of union workers make more than minimum wage. Why should Teamsters care what the minimum wage is?”

The students with winning essays will be awarded a one-time $1,000 scholarship. Full-time college, university, community college, technical or vocational program students who are the children of Teamster members are invited to enter the contest. For more detailed information on eligibility and the process by which you may apply, please visits our SCHOLARSHIPS page.

The Pillars of the Organization: Thunder and Lightning

Official-magazine-IBT_Nov-1910Since 1910, the Teamsters logo has consisted of two horses’ heads, representing the complimentary forces of strength that are inherent in the Teamsters organization. A well-known emblem, most people recognize it but are unsure of the story behind it. The horses’ names are Thunder and Lightning, Thunder is male, Lightning female. Together, they symbolically represent the pillars of the Teamsters organization: quality and power, dignity and justice, strength and morality. The Teamsters are built on pillars that allow us to ensure that our Members' needs are taken care of, that workers have access to their rights, and that our organization has the staying power to persist through the years.

Quality and Power: Every union member understands that there is power in numbers. The Teamsters strength can be found in the collaboration of our many honest, hard-working men and women, and when united, we are an unstoppable force. It takes good people to weave true quality into an institution, but the Teamsters are lucky there. We have an incredible body of people that make up our team, from Business Agents and our Executives to Brothers and Sisters, we are proud of each and every person involved in this great union.

Dignity and Justice: A life without dignity and respect for oneself and one another is an unfulfilled life. The Teamsters not only stand for the equal treatment of all workers on the job, we stand for the fair treatment of our Members in all aspects of their lives. By providing health benefits, scholarship funds, assistance programs, mental health initiatives and community involvement opportunities, we facilitate our Membership to be upstanding citizens within their communities and enable the betterment of their families’ health.

Strength and Morality: The Teamsters make decisions that will benefit you. That is our only goal. We know that strength comes from a place of united good; that is why shady institutions will never have the power to last. We want to ensure that charities are funded and that people’s lives are improved. We want make the world a better place. Our organization does that through the united strength of honest people fighting for honest things.

The Teamsters emblem has been the official logo for over a century and has stood strong beside an organization that has seen many changes and growth during these transformational years. Although the world is a much different place now than it was, and although our organization is consistently adapting to this ever-changing world, our morals, values and beliefs have stayed the same. Like Thunder and Lightning, the quality, dignity and strength in our union are accented by power, justice and morality.

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Lives of 362

Lives of 362 is a feature that provides a glimpse into the lives of our membership. We believe that a union is only as strong as its members and with solid brothers and sisters like ours... you know that someone's always got your back.

Strength. Unity. Pride. We are Teamsters Local 362 and these are our stories.



"They're not just there to take your problem and shove it under the door... they do something about it."


"Steady, secure work... and a good wage."


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Wayne F

"Employees have 3 rights: The right to know, the right to participate, and the right to refuse..."



"The proudest moment for me was when my stepson was awarded a $10,000.00 Scholarship."




These are just some of the stories from our members at a few barns. If you like this feature, please share it and support our great local. If you are new to us, know that organizing strengthens solidarity and your ability to build a brighter future for you and your family. Click on the button below to learn more.
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UPS Founders' Day

history_casey_ryan_1910"1907, Jim Casey and Claude Ryan started an American Messenger Company in a Seattle, Wash., basement office space. The two young entrepreneurs and their employees delivered messages to people throughout the day and night. Early on, the company strived to distinguish itself through customer service and team work."

Debbie Curtis-Magley - UPS Founders’ Day …


Rick BBQ UPSThat little company in Seattle eventually became UPS and every year UPSers around the world come together and celebrate their dedication and hard work on Founders' Day. At the UPS Calgary barn, the company commemorated its 107th anniversary with a pancake breakfast that did not disappoint. With almost 100% turnout, our UPS Membership showed strong solidarity and support. Our Secretary - Treasurer and Principal Officer Richard Eichel and Business Agent Ken Jarvis worked the grill under the supervision of Shop Steward Randy Eagleson (UPS for 24 years and Shop Steward 18 years - amazing!).

imagejpeg_2_0 (1)

UPS paid for and supplied the breakfast while the employees (man and members) helped with all the preparations.

A big shout out goes to Sister Jessica O'Brien who was essential to organizing the event and filling all the plates. Couldn't have done it without you sister!

Thanks to all who attended and see you at next years Founders' Day!

International Brotherhood of Teamsters News

Click the link below to read a letter on how standing together and fighting for whats right can make all the difference in succeeding! Congrats to our Brothers and Sisters in Salinas California on joining the Teamsters Union


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