Stress – no matter who you are, at one point or another, you have felt it. One of the places that Canadians can feel it the most is at work.

Whether you are a waitress serving a full section, a school bus driver with a bus full of yelling kids or a just trying to make a deadline – all jobs come with stress.

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A new study has found that stress is why one in four Canadians actually quit their jobs. The outlier happens to be Alberta – our province seems to have a higher tolerance than others for stress.

The study by Monster Canada found that Albertans are the least likely to leave a job due to work stress and the least likely to feel overworked.

But that doesn’t mean we have the best work-life balance.

Only 61 per cent of Albertans said that their employer supports work-life balance and this is the lowest in the entire country.

Many may hold this as a badge of pride, but the reality is that a poor work-life balance is actually bad for your health.

In a study done by researchers at Stanford and Harvard found that stressful workplace shorten life spans and the amount of life lost to stress ‘varies significantly for people of different races, educational levels and genders, and ranges up to nearly three years of life lost for some groups.’

Download Our Guide On How To Know If Your Workplace Needs A Union!

The Monster Canada study found that millennials are more likely to feel overworked and quit over stress. Also Canadians earning a salary less than $40,000 were one of the most likely to leave a job due to stress.

One way to combat this is with union membership.

Healthier workplaces tend to include job security, health care benefits and pensions – things that a union provides. Having someone to stand behind you when you are paid less than you should be or when an abusive boss or coworker is making the workplace unbearable is so important in creating a healthy work environment.

Another important element of a healthy work environment is mental health support for dealing with stress. While there are physical health requirement in workplaces, currently there are no mandatory mental health resources available – something Teamsters 362 and Teamsters Canada have been working towards changing.

Alberta is known as a strong province, but if we are not taking care of our workers, we won’t be anymore.