The Pillars of the Organization: Thunder and Lightning

Official-magazine-IBT_Nov-1910Since 1910, the Teamsters logo has consisted of two horses’ heads, representing the complimentary forces of strength that are inherent in the Teamsters organization. A well-known emblem, most people recognize it but are unsure of the story behind it. The horses’ names are Thunder and Lightning, Thunder is male, Lightning female. Together, they symbolically represent the pillars of the Teamsters organization: quality and power, dignity and justice, strength and morality. The Teamsters are built on pillars that allow us to ensure that our Members' needs are taken care of, that workers have access to their rights, and that our organization has the staying power to persist through the years.

Quality and Power: Every union member understands that there is power in numbers. The Teamsters strength can be found in the collaboration of our many honest, hard-working men and women, and when united, we are an unstoppable force. It takes good people to weave true quality into an institution, but the Teamsters are lucky there. We have an incredible body of people that make up our team, from Business Agents and our Executives to Brothers and Sisters, we are proud of each and every person involved in this great union.

Dignity and Justice: A life without dignity and respect for oneself and one another is an unfulfilled life. The Teamsters not only stand for the equal treatment of all workers on the job, we stand for the fair treatment of our Members in all aspects of their lives. By providing health benefits, scholarship funds, assistance programs, mental health initiatives and community involvement opportunities, we facilitate our Membership to be upstanding citizens within their communities and enable the betterment of their families’ health.

Strength and Morality: The Teamsters make decisions that will benefit you. That is our only goal. We know that strength comes from a place of united good; that is why shady institutions will never have the power to last. We want to ensure that charities are funded and that people’s lives are improved. We want make the world a better place. Our organization does that through the united strength of honest people fighting for honest things.

The Teamsters emblem has been the official logo for over a century and has stood strong beside an organization that has seen many changes and growth during these transformational years. Although the world is a much different place now than it was, and although our organization is consistently adapting to this ever-changing world, our morals, values and beliefs have stayed the same. Like Thunder and Lightning, the quality, dignity and strength in our union are accented by power, justice and morality.

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