When a close friend or loved one dies by suicide, there is no easy blue print for how to deal with the impact of that loss.

Each person has their own type of relationship with that person, and will handle the death differently. You’ve shared life experiences and they have become a unique part of your life – the loss of those things can be devastating.

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When you add the stigma associated with suicide to that loss, there is a new layer of emotions to deal with. There is not the same types of support or understanding of that someone who is dealing with the loss of someone who died of a physical medical condition or accident.

This needs to change.

In Episode 5 of our docu-series we look at the impact a death by suicide can have on friends and family members, and the support that they need to get through it.

Visit Our Initiative #YouAreNotAlone

It is clear something needs to change and you can make a difference. By sharing our videos and reaching out to leaders and policy makers, you can send a message – we need more funding towards suicide prevention and mental health support in our province. The time for change is now. #YouAreNotAlone