Unions have fought for many rights in the workplace. Safe workplaces, weekends and good wages are just a few.

One important right we have in the workplace, that we don’t always think about, is breaks. Taking time out from your work is so important – you need to recharge, eat and have a break from you tasks.

Our members who are employed by GardaWorld as pre-board screening officers in Calgary and Edmonton, are not getting all of the breaks they are entitled to. This is a huge concern, as the safety of airline passengers is in their hands.

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Here are reasons why breaks are so important for all workers.

1.     Breaks keep us focused

Going on a break has been proven to actually refresh your attention span and increase your concentration. It is recommended that people who work jobs that involve inspection or monitoring should be offered frequent short breaks to reduce human error.

2.     Prevents Burnout

According to the American Psychological Association, being able to walk away from your tasks at your job and truly take a break will prevent burnout. Even 10 minutes can lower stress keeping employees healthier and happier.

3.     Prevents Accidents

Fatigue is one of the major cause of accidents on the job and allowing employees to get the breaks they need can prevent this. This is especially important for someone who is in charge of the general public’s safety.

Help Support Airport Pre-Board Screeners!

These pre-board screeners have been guaranteed a certain amount of breaks in the collective bargaining agreement. It is so important that they are allowed to take these for the safety of all passengers and the health of these employees.