At Teamsters Local 362, being a shop steward comes with responsibility but also a lot of rewarding experiences. We decided to ask one of our veteran stewards a few questions about what it means to him.

Dale Gocuan started as a screener at eh Edmonton Municipal Airport in 1991 and moved to Edmonton International Airport in 1996. He is the longest serving shop steward at Edmonton International.

He takes his role very seriously and described it as ‘a crusade.’

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One of the main things Dale highlights when looking back on his career is the great partnerships he has had with the business agents at Teamsters, and pointed out that they are always available, evenings or weekends, 24-7. He said in his experience with other unions, it is not always this way.

There are quiet a few battles that have been fought over his years as a steward, but there are some that stick out more than others.
Dale 2

At one point there was a disagreement with Garda over scheduling and Dale stepped up to take over from 1996 to 2012. During this time grievances over scheduling went down drastically.

He also fought for an overtime grievance for one of his members and when they won at the end, she received enough money to put a down payment on a house.

One of the accomplishments he is most proud of is working hard with the Teamsters to take their collective agreement from a ‘very thin’ one to one with substance that has become the ‘envy of many.’

Download Our Guide On How To Know If Your Workplace Needs A Union!

The best part of being a steward for Dale is that he gets to educate members on their rights as workers, resolve issues and put his communication skills into action. All of this, while knowing he has the support of his brothers and sisters.

His advice for any new Teamster members is to focus on teamwork. He explained that in the fast- paced world of pre-board screening, teamwork is essential to keep the public safe.

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