Each week Teamsters Local 362 will update our members on what is happening within the local and what our business agents are doing outside of their daily responsibilities. Make sure you check in to see what is happening in the union.


Vice-President Jordan Madarash and Business Agent Mike Dunphy attended proposals for Garda Cash Calgary and Edmonton and also had a Garda Cash step four meeting in Calgary.

Business Agent Ken Jarvis has been overseeing the First Student School Bus Arbitration regarding excess time. He said they have asked the Arbitrator to write out a decision. Once a ruling has been received in writing, the Teamsters 362 will inform all members immediately on the decision regarding excess time arbitration.

Business Agents Bernie Haggarty and Shaun Quaghebeur had bargaining this week with Pe Ben.


Business Agent Mary Snyder attended multiple grievance meetings this week.

Business Agent Bernie Haggary met with Premier Rachel Notley with the Building Trades at a reception at the McDougall Centre.

Business Agent Shaun Quaghebeur attended a grievance review at DTL Edmonton and had a grievance conclusion at Anixter Edmonton.

Business Agent Lukas Fominov prepped this week for the annual motion production a, b, c board meetings.

Business Agent Richard Brown had grievance meetings at both Calgary and Edmonton airports.

President Wayne Garner and Business Agent Mike Dunphy had a meeting with Tin Star producers to discuss variances for Tin Star season 2.

Secretary-Treasurer Al Porter had a meeting with Alberta Labour Minister Christina Gray and MLA Michael Connolly at the Calgary Film Centre. He also participated in the Christmas event for Minister Ricardo Miranda last weekend.

President Wayne Garner and Business Agent Ken Jarvis attended UPS Grievances meetings this week.

The leadership had the monthly Executive Board meeting this week in Edmonton.