Just as we come into the end of the summer, Teamsters Local 362 has sworn in new officers. Although it will be sad to see some of our amazing leadership retire, we won’t forget how much they have contributed to the local. As they move on and we introduce who will be filling the positions, we thought we would take a look at the new leadership.

New Positions

At the last Executive Board meeting, Rick Eichel swore in the following officers to their new positions effective September 1, 2017.

Al Porter – Secretary-Treasurer & Principal Officer

Al Porter has taken the position of Secretary-Treasurer and Principal Officer after serving previously as President. He said he is relying on all of the valuable lessons he has learned during his long career with Teamsters 362 to help him as he takes on this role.

“There are a lot of younger people coming into new positions in the union and you want to get it right for them,” he said of the new role.

He said he looks forward to ramping up the organizing for 362 and to keep doing his best to represent the members of Teamsters 362.

Wayne Garner – President

Wayne Garner was previously in the position of Vice-President and said it was ‘an honour’ to be sworn in by Rick Eichel alongside his colleagues.

Wayne said he wants to focus on improving communication with the membership and helping them feel a sense of ownership and pride in the union. He also hopes to continue advocating and creating awareness about important social issues.

“I’m looking forward to the challenge and will approach my role inspired by the past leadership of our great Local Union,” he said.

Jordan Madarash – Vice-President

Jordan Madarash has moved from the role of Business Agent to Vice-President and described the transition as a huge honour. He said he is looking forward to the challenges and his main goal is to be there for the membership and represent them.

“I think of some of the previous names of those that held this position prior and I truly feel inspired,” said Jordan. “To have been included in the history of this great Local, I will do everything in my power to not disappoint the current leaders.”

He said he would love to see the local grow in volume and solidarity,  and now is the time to make the local even better and stronger.

Harbans Minhaus – Trustee

Harbans has been with the Teamsters since 2004 and will be taking over Robert Morris’ place on the Executive Board. He said he is very proud to be a member of the Trustees and he is excited to learn more about the roles in a union.

“It is a big responsibility,” said the Shop Steward. “I want to see the progress of the union and the members to be protected properly and fairly.”


We also said goodbye to two important members of the Teamsters 362 family – Rick Eichel and Robert Morris.

Rick Eichel – retiring from position of Secretary-Treasurer & Principal Officer

Rick Eichel will be retiring from his position of Secretary-Treasurer and Principal Officer and moving on to take a position with Teamsters Canada. He will be the Director of the Parcel Division, communicating to the local unions and chairing the negotiations in this area.

Rick was hired in 1989 as a Business Agent with Teamsters Local 362 and served as President from 1991 to 2008 before moving onto Secretary Treasurer.

A lot has changed in the local over those years.

He recalled that when he first started, the local did not own any buildings and now they have three office buildings across the province and a condo for accommodation. He is also proud to say that the Local is at a point where it is financially stable, which means they are able to tackle any battle and negotiate better contracts for the members.

He said he is also extremely proud of the day-to-day representation the local is able to provide to its members, not to mention the amazing benefit plans and health and welfare plans that have both grown over the years.

As for a final message to the union members he has led for so many years, Rick stressed the importance of participation and attending meetings.

“A union is like a gym in that you only get out of it what you are prepared to put in,” he said. “You need to know what your union stands for and stand behind it.”

He pointed out that his career would not have been possible without former Secretary Treasurer Roy Finley, who left him a union that he said was in great shape.

With a little more time for himself, Rick said he is excited to get to take a vacation from time to time and to get out and ride his motorcycle a bit more. He stressed above all else however, that he will always be there for local 362.

Robert Morris – retiring from position of Trustee

Robert has been working in the armoured car industry for many years and has been a proud Trustee with Teamsters 362 during that time. He said that he is happy to let younger people take part in being on the Executive Board as he moves on.

“The industry has grown so much in terms of wage parity and benefits with 362,” he said. “We’ve worked towards better collective agreements. Because of the union, people in the armoured car industry overall have a better standard of living.”

He said in retirement he is looking forward to spending time with his six grandkids and travelling with his wife.