Each week Teamsters Local 362 will update our members on the latest news within the local. Make sure you check in to see what is happening in the union.

Bargaining with Grimshaw Trucking L.P. continues at the end of March with the employer is seeking wage concessions.

Progressive Waste negotiation committee will be reviewing progress made from last round of bargaining held last week.

We are currently working on our proposal document for Zenith bargaining.

We have reached a Memorandum of Agreement with ENS a Division of Monarch Transportation and we will know by March 10 if the membership has accepted or rejected the Memorandum.

We will be meeting with Triple Random on Monday March 6 to continue bargaining.

We will be meeting with MTE Logistix to continue the bargaining process for the Calgary Membership. We have applied for mediation and the mediators role will be to assist the parties with finding mutual agreement.

We are set to continue bargaining next month for Progressive Waste and Zenith.


We met with the CMPA last week in Calgary and will meet again towards the end of March. We are anticipating on reaching a deal in the near future.