Each week Teamsters Local 362 will update our members on what is happening within the local and what our business agents are doing outside of their daily responsibilities. Make sure you check in to see what is happening in the union.

Steward Chance Hrycun, whom is on a developmental leave trying out the role of a Business Agent, will be attending an organizing seminar hosted by the Alberta Building Trades. In conjunction with this, he will be carrying the Teamster Flag at the Calgary Hitman hockey game on Friday March 24. Come by and say hi.

This week representatives from the Prairie Teamsters Administration Service joined our Business Agents at the Edmonton International Airport providing our membership with information regarding the health and welfare and pension plan.

Business Agent Richard Brown will be attending the monthly health and safety meeting at Calgary International Airport. He will also be presenting a member retiring from ASIG Calgary a gold retirement ring after 25 years of service.

Members at CertainTeed rejected their memorandum of agreement this week. The parties will be returning to the bargaining table will the help of a mediator.

Bargaining continues with Edmonton Ready Mix with the hopes of reaching a Memorandum of Agreement.

Last month we were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of two of our long-time members Garth Wallace and John Knysak.

Garth worked for Autohualaway (now Jack Cooper Transportation) starting in 1977 and remained a member of Teamsters local 362 until he received an honourable retirement withdrawal card in 2007, leaving then Allied Systems. Although Garth retired, you would always see his face at almost every general meeting in Calgary. Let’s take a moment to remember him.

John worked with Spectrum Supply Chain on 90th avenue in Calgary. He started with Spectrum Supply Chain in 2003 and became a Shop Steward in 2009. He always had the best interest of his fellow co-workers at heart and was active in the workplace with all union duties. In keeping with his union activities and advocacy for betterment of the workplace, John sat as a member of the Union bargaining committees for three different contractual renewals.

We would like to send our condolences to Brother Wallace’s and Knysak’s family, friends and all of his Union brothers and sisters.