Training is offered to our Construction and Pipeline Members, for whom we are receiving contributions into the Training Fund from Industrial and Pipeline contractors on their behalf.

Teamsters have accepted the establishment of minimal training in Driver and Transportation issues as a means to increase subject knowledge and create a currency and consistency to the knowledge of our craft. To date there are no standards other than having the correct driver’s license to distinguish our craft from that of a general worker. We aspire to create a new standard by instituting measurable achievement thresholds as a marketable product for the furtherance of our careers. We provide a valuable service that should be recognized. These courses became mandatory for dispatch for Pipeline Members as of April 2011 and for Construction Members as of September 2011.

Provides the theory and regulation behind Trip Inspection of the commercial vehicle. The regulations for pre trip and roadside inspections in the province of Alberta have been upgraded since July of 2009. Road side inspection criteria (CVSA) is taught to create tighter control over equipment failure. This North American standard creates a consistency from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Recognition of problems as they occur is key to having these problems dealt with as quickly as possible to prevent further issues creating larger problems.

The training in classroom may be augmented with practical demonstrations on a tractor trailer unit. 5 hours

Provides the theory and practices to reduce incidences and collisions. This course is an opportunity to discuss regulations and policies of driver and transportation. Practices and habits can be altered to reduce negative interactions on the street. Increased awareness improves decisions and standards of the driver’s workplace. This type of discussion has been documented to reduce collisions if revisited every two to three years. The bonus is recognition by Alberta Transportation in the awarding of three merits to the Driver’s abstract upon successful completion. 7 hours

Eligibility: Anyone sent to work in the warehouse the first time is classified as a Class 4, which is a Warehouse Helper. Once they have worked a minimum of thirteen (13) weeks they are eligible to challenge the Class 3 exam.

When any exam is successfully completed, the person must work a minimum of fifty-two (52) weeks from the date of successfully completing the exam before writing the next exam.

When any exam, (Level I, II or III) is written, and the person writing the exam is not successful in passing the exam, they must work a minimum of thirteen (13) weeks before re-writing.