Local 362’s Construction and Pipeline Divisions and Carbon Capture Projects

As some may be aware, there are ongoing Carbon Capturing projects and others that are slatted to commence in the near future. At the current moment, Airproducts (Taurus Project) development is underway and is employing a small contingency of Teamster Members from Local 362’s Construction Division, facilitating warehouse duties. We are anticipating that the Taurus Project will grow to employ a larger group of Membership from Local 362, but we anxiously awaiting what will develop with Dow’s Path2Zero Project in Fort Saskatchewan. If contracts are awarded favorably, Dow’s Path2Zero Project could see as many as 200 plus Teamsters being employed for approximately 3 years.

For more information on carbon capture and the ongoing and upcoming projects, please follow the links below:

Blue, but better | Air Products Announces Multi-Billion Dollar Net-Zero Hydrogen Energy Complex in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Fort Saskatchewan Path2Zero (dow.com)

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