Local 362’s Kenworth Helps Out in High River with the 18th Annual “Show N Shine”

On Sunday September 26th, Local 362’s Kenworth took part in the 18th annual Show N Shine in High River, Alberta to lend a hand for a great cause. In return the Local Union received a special thanks from the organizer of the event, Brian Chipcase:

From: Brian Chipchase

To: [email protected]

Subject: Special THX

River City Classics and Eamons Garage Historical Society would like to take this opportunity to thank Local 362 of the Teamsters Union for the use of their truck and entertainment trailer at our 18 annual Show and Shine in High River Alberta .A big thanks to Stacy Tulp and Ken Jarvis for delivery and set up of the trailer and stage. With the help of Stacy and Ken and the help of Joe Kuipers and his deep voice the 18 annual Show and Shine was a fantastic event.

  The monies raised will be shared with a number of Charities including but not limited to The  Fetal Alcohol Society, Eamons Garage Historical Society and the Salvation Army food bank as well as local volunteer groups that took part in our Show and Shine.

                                                                                            Special Thanks 

                                                                                            RCC& EGHS”

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