UPS Delivery Driver Chris Holler Brings Christmas Joy to Snowed In Residents of the Calgary Area

With just days before Christmas, many were settling in preparing for an “unusual” Holiday Season, the Calgary and surrounding areas were hit by a snow storm that paralyzed the city, bringing almost all movement to a complete halt. With over 25cm of snow falling between December 22 – 23, the residents of Calgary were delighted with the fact that they would be experiencing a White Christmas, but one question still remained: “what about the Christmas gift deliveries?”

With Calgary at almost a standstill due to the extreme weather conditions, Brother Chris Holler took decisive and creative action to ensure families would receive their much anticipated Christmas gifts. With the use of a sled, Brother Holler navigated mounds of snow while delivering gifts, joy and amusement to curious residents of his route. Residents of the communities Brother Holler delivers to went to Social Media to share his Christmas cheer, and in turn, Brother Holler received an official letter (click here to read) from UPS’ Chief Executive Officer commending him on his creativity and dedication to UPS Customers.

With Christmas traditionally being the busiest time of year for United Parcel Service (UPS) employees, 2020’s holiday season was not an exception to the norm. Due to increased online shopping in light of the Global Pandemic caused by COVID-19 and an abrupt change in weather, Brother Holler utilized an ingenious a playful way to ensure Christmas was not completely cancelled.

From all of us at Local 362, we would like to thank Brother Holler and to all Members of UPS that helped to make many Christmas dreams come in 2020. Thank you for your service and dedication!

In Solidarity

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