Brother Cameron Ahlstedt Shares the Value of Being a Union Member Upon his Retirement

Late in June, 2021, the Local Union received a letter from a Member of 362’s Construction Division, brother Cameron Ahlstedt who retired in March this year, due to medical concerns. Brother Ahlstedt decided it would be in his best interest to retire after being a Teamster Member for approximately 20 years to look after his health, but felt it was necessary to share his opinions on being a Teamster:

“To all my working brothers that I have worked for and thank you sisters in the Office getting me started on different contracts and for the training I received to complete the jobs safely. Thank you Business Agents for the work involved in the set-up of all the contracts.

I apologize for sounding so mundane with the work and dedication you all gave applied to the Teamsters Union, thank you. My heart is with the Teamsters and will always be. The Union has given me a darn good life.

If it wasn’t for my health, I would still be working, but M.S. is a nasty disease. Thank goodness for the University of Saskatoon research department for M.S. and choosing me for that research offered.

I officially resign from Teamsters Union 362.

Cameron Ahlstedt”

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Vice President and Business Agent, Chance Hrycun stated:

“and this is why what we do is so important. We can help better the lives of union workers and their families and set standards for those employed in non-union workplaces.” Brother Ahlstedt, from all of us at Local 362, we wish you nothing but the very best in your retirement and we are hoping that the experts at the University of Saskatoon’s M.S. research department are able to help you live a long and comfortable retirement.

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